It’s Time for a Sea Party!


Tired of the political gridlock in Washington and elections that don’t get us anything but unlimited corporate campaign spending and attack ads? Go take a dip in the ocean and get over yourself. We don’t have time for cynicism or despair. We’ve got a job to do if we’re going to save the crucible of life on our water planet and restore the blue in our red, white and blue.
While the Tea Party has proven a powerfully divisive force in U.S. politics, a Sea Party of ocean activists, businesses and communities committed to bringing the health of our public seas into public life and politics could prove a constructive and viable force for good between now and the 2016 Presidential elections.
I know we can turn the tide because I grew up in a time when through brave dissent and citizen action we stopped a war that killed millions of people and helped open U.S. society to greater equality for all. Oh, and in our free time we launched the modern environmental movement. I’m also old enough to remember the character in the movie “Network” who stuck his head out the window and shouted: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not —> Read More Here


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