Join a LIVE Twitter Chat With @PaulSalopek, Walking Across the Planet

Journalist Paul Salopek embarks on a seven-year global trek from Africa to Tierra del Fuego, following the footsteps of our forebears.
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Paul Salopek, has embarked on a seven-year global trek from Africa to Tierra del Fuego, following the footsteps of our ancient human forebears. (Photo by John Stanmeyer/National Geographic Creative)

Join a LIVE Twitter chat with explorer, @PaulSalopek, July 22 at 11:00 am ET using #NatGeoLive.

“I am walking across the planet,” says Paul Salopek, National Geographic Fellow.

“For more than two years, I have hopscotched over searing lava fields. I have crabbed sideways through alleys in vast migrant slums. I have traversed sun-hammered deserts and scaled peaks in blinding snow. I have swaggered down fashionable boulevards.

“What has all this plodding taught me?”

You’re probably wondering the same thing.

So go ahead and ask him. For the first time since November, 2013, Paul will be engaging in a live Twitter chat from his account, @PaulSalopek, using #NatGeoLive.

The Story So Far

A Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent, Paul is 4,000 miles into his 21,000-mile, seven-year journey retracing the pathways of humanity’s migration out of Africa and around the globe—on foot, as our ancestors traveled, all chronicled at

Journalist, Paul Salopek, retraced the migration of early humans out of Africa to explore the world.
From the region of Africa where some of our earliest human ancestors lived, to the tip of South America, the symbolically farthest place they could reach, Paul’s journey will cover some 21,000 miles. (Map by Ryan Morris/National Geographic Maps)

Along the way, moving at the slow beat of his footsteps, he’s using every form of written communication from 140-character tweets to 4,300-word National Geographic articles as he engages with the major stories of our time—from the science of human origins to war in the West Bank, from the use of drones to protect our cultural heritage to gauging —> Read More