Last Refuge on Mt. Ribàué

The bumpy road caused some need for adjusting the loads on our vehicles, which threatened to spill off of the roof of Mike’s Land Cruiser. (Photo by Krystal Tolley)

Mount Ribàué, our last montane forest on the schedule, is located another few-hundred kilometers to the east of Namuli. This is the least-known of all the mountains we are visiting. For Mabu and Namuli, there have been some recent botanical surveys, but Ribàué is more elusive. Few have ever visited the mountain for scientific purposes. The last survey for reptiles and amphibians was in 1964 and lasted just a day or two. In some ways, therefore, Ribàué held the most promise in our minds.

Another long, bumpy ride over dirt roads provided us with some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable. The way is littered with large granite inselbergs, seemingly toppled willy-nilly onto the flat savanna, creating 1,000-meter cliffs at angles that apparently defy physics. We passed Mount Inago, another inselberg that we had hoped to visit, but time had grown too short. We proceeded past, longing to catch a close-up glimpse of the forest that remains there.

A new chameleon was recently described in 2014 from the Inago forest, and due to —> Read More Here


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