Lava Closing In On First Hawaii Home

HONOLULU (AP) — A small stream of lava was getting close Monday to hitting the first house in a rural Hawaii town that has been watching the slow-moving flow for months.

A breakout flow was about 5 yards from the home’s garage in Pahoa on the Big Island, Hawaii County Civil Defense officials said. They are bracing for the lava to burn the house, whose occupants have already left. The leading edge of the molten rock has stalled, but lava is breaking away at several spots upslope.

The front of the flow hasn’t crept any closer to Pahoa Village Road, which goes through downtown, remaining about 480 feet away for more than a week.

But one lobe was about 22 yards from a now-closed refuse transfer station.

The molten rock reached Pahoa on Oct. 26, when it crossed Apaa Street, a country road on the edge of town. Many residents have evacuated or are ready to leave if necessary.

The house that’s expected to burn Monday is on Apaa Street. The front of the flow had passed the house but now the breakout is dangerously close.

So far, the lava has smothered part of a cemetery and burned down a garden shed. It has burned tires, —> Read More Here


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