Leaving No Lion Cub Behind – WildCam Gorongosa Launches!

Sign up at http://bit.ly/1JQlsLt

Sign up at http://bit.ly/1JQlsLt

Lion cubs are photographed following closely behind their mother at night in #Gorongosa National Park. Field cameras are strategically placed throughout the Park by the Gorongosa Lion Project to provide crucial tracking information for a historic recovery effort to restore the lion population. You too can help us track and monitor the lion population (and a myriad of other wildlife) using #WildCamSIGN UP at www.wildcamgorongosa.org

WildCam Gorongosa is a collaboration between the Gorongosa Restoration Project and Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Watch “Tracking Lion Recovery” at www.hhmi.org/biointeractive/tracking-lion-recovery-gorongosa-national-park

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