Let’s Teach Our Children Compassion

I know we’re supposed to be singing Christmas carols at this time of year, but there’s something else worth raising our voices about–the absurd exercise called classroom dissection.

Every year, children across the country are told to set aside their empathy and cut into dead animals, then poke around at the viscera within. As a schoolchild, I remember being forced to dissect a frog, a cow’s eye and a mouse. There was no discussion of the fact that an animal had been killed for our little classroom exercise, and some of us did wonder how on Earth this would help us in later life. Some of us also saw how scared and confused the mouse was in his cage and saw him being chloroformed.

Years later, we might still wonder but now even more so. Teachers leading classroom dissection exercises often do not discourage ghoulish behavior and even engage in it themselves. A biology teacher was recently caught on video juggling dead frogs slated for classroom dissection while his students laughed at his antics, and another let the students hold up the dead cats they were using and jiggle them around while singing a song. Other teachers have been known to bully students who have asked for a humane alternative, even though such requests are protected by law in many states.

When teachers display a disregard for animal life, students are bound to follow suit.
The animals slated to be cut up in the classroom don’t die of natural causes. Many are specifically bred — or captured and torn out of their natural homes — to be used in dissection. PETA investigations inside biological supply companies have even found animals purchased from shelters and then crudely killed —> Read More