Let’s Try To Categorize All The New Podcasts We’re Excited About

New year, new podcasts — that’s how the saying goes, right? Now that your aspirations to lose weight and be nicer have dissolved in this winter weather like so many Vitamin C-fortified tablets in a drink, it’s time to move to your B-level resolutions: dusting off that ol’ Podcasts app and putting some fresh content on it.

Sure, you use that one “This American Life” episode to fall asleep to every night (Ira Glass, why so soothing?), but it’s clear your waking hours could use some audio excitement. Here are some new programs to delight your ears, forced into categories because we humans crave order.

Podcasts That Let You Be The Creep You’ve Always Wanted To Be

There’s nothing like listening in on someone else’s life when your own is totally boring. We’ve covered the appeal of following along with beginners, and lucky for us, there’s a new podcast to add in that category: Allison Behringer’s “The Intern.” Behringer is both host and subject as she takes listeners through her life at a tech company and in New York City. Similar to “Millennial,” she captures both the excitement and confusion that comes with being young in a big city, like preparing for your first IKEA run and then sorely regretting trying to lug home a 40-pound mattress.

Sometimes, though, you want to hear from those who’ve been there and done that. Enter “Grow Big Always,” a refreshingly candid interview podcast where host Sam Lawrence probes the lives of others to reveal the uncomfortable, transforming experiences that led them to now.

Those who’ve been on tour in a cramped van know all about “uncomfortable,” but for those who haven’t, there’s “Nerds on Tour.” It’s only four episodes deep but already host Abraham Levitan has covered touring, creativity and Top —> Read More