Liberals And Conservatives Are Both Biased Against Science, But In Different Ways

We usually think of political conservatives as the anti-science contingent, owing to their factions who deny, among other scientifically-verifiable facts, climate change and evolution. That may not be quite fair, as recent anti-vaccination arguments have often come from those who identify with the left. And new research suggests that, in fact, when it comes to scientific bias, we’re all equally foolish. In other words? Anti-science thinking is a bipartisan issue.

According to new research from political scientists at Ohio State University, both the right and the left exhibit biases against scientific facts that don’t support their own political views. The researchers found that individuals on both the left and the right express distrust in science when it comes to certain politically-charged issues.

“One of the goals of this [research] was to dismiss the claims by various pundits and authors that somehow ‘Republican brains’ are hardwired more so than liberals to be biased toward scientific information and distrust scientists,” study co-author Erik Nisbet, an associate professor of communication and political science at Ohio State University, told The Huffington Post.

“There are definitely established psychological differences between conservatives and liberals, but nothing in the scientific literature has shown that one group is more —> Read More Here


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