Life Is Not a Premortality Condition, and Death Is Not Treatment Failure

“Medical research is making such astounding progress that soon none of us will be well.”
–Aldous Huxley

In my last blog post I discussed the importance of dying well and with dignity — at home, at peace, sent off by a loving family, not in an impersonal and hectic hospital environment, among strangers, your failing body tortured by painful procedures and probed by ubiquitous tubes in a futile effort to cheat death.

This week my issue is living well and without unnecessary fear of disease. Mark Cuban provides the perfect example of how excessive heath concerns are unhealthy. He is a brilliant Internet, entertainment, and sports entrepreneur worth almost $3 billion. (The guy you see at Dallas Mavericks games, sitting behind the bench in a T-shirt, screaming almost continuously? He owns the team.)

Recently Cuban offered this medical advice to his several million Twitter followers:

1)If you can afford to have your blood tested for everything available, do it quarterly so you have a baseline of your own personal health

2) create your own personal health profile and history.It will help you and create a base of knowledge for your children,their children, etc

3) a big failing of medicine = we wait till we are sick to have our blood tested and compare the results to “comparable demographics”

Cuban is an undeniable business genius but clearly a healthcare dummy. There could not possibly be worse advice for a healthy and happy life.

Gisle Roksund, M.D., a Norwegian general practitioner and former president of the Norwegian College of General Practice, explains why. Dr. Roksund writes:

Western medical science has changed life into a premortality condition and death into a failure of treatment.

We are all more or less afraid of illness and death. Mankind always has been. Shakespeare describes it beautifully in Hamlet: “The undiscover’d country, from —> Read More