Life on Mars

I grew up in the age of Star Trek, Space 1999, and Star Wars. In fact, I’m told that the first thing I ever saw on TV, was man walking on the moon. I wasn’t even a year old, but my parents held me up to the screen to watch things unfold in space. Way back in the days of MYSPACE, in my profile I listed “world explorers” as my heroes.

I credit my love and intrigue with outer space to my late mother, Julie Carroll Och. Her father (my grandfather – who died before I was born) was a geologist for the State Department. He traveled the globe, went into live volcanoes, and narrowly escaped South Korea as the war was breaking out there. The point being, I come by my attraction to space and universal exploration honestly.

So, when I came across Vera Mulyani and Mars City Design, I was not surprised to find this Renaissance woman and her work right up my alley. She is an award winning architect, film maker and author who has big ideas for the urbanization and development of cities for humans on planet Mars. Her innovative and celebrated work here on Earth ranges from color changing concrete to air filtering bamboo walls. Mulyani pushes the limits of developing technologies in building materials and designs.

In her live presentation, Mulyani gives you her background story. It is compelling and, gives you a window into the world and background of girl that became the woman with such big ideas. She explains that a growing feeling of homesickness and a need to improve her less than ideal surroundings led her to an epiphany. As an architect, she can create her home no matter where she lives on this or any other planet.

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