“Lions Are My Life”: Part 2 of Jeneria’s Story

Photo of Samburu warriors using GPS

This is the second part of a feature on Jeneria Lekilelei, Ewaso Lions Field Operations and Community Manager. Click here to read Part 1.

You came up with the idea behind Ewaso Lions’ flagship outreach program Warrior Watch. Can you explain your motivation for this program and its progress since its launch in 2010?

I came up with the idea for Warrior Watch after I saw the challenges we were facing to keep lions safe. A warrior’s job is to protect livestock, and when livestock are killed it’s the warriors who need to respond. The only way we can succeed in protecting lions is to get the warriors involved in conservation decision-making. We can make them ambassadors to keep lions safe.

Since 2010, the program is progressing very well. We have not lost any lions in Westgate since 2010 because of my warriors.

When I was a Scout several years ago, I would never see tracks. Now, the tracks are all over. Lions are now present in Westgate. This is progress. There is a tolerance to lions now. People have accepted it. The message has spread —> Read More Here


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