Listening To Rihanna, Taylor Swift Can Relieve Pain

It’s official: Rihanna does a body good.

It turns out that listening to the sultry songstress, as well as tracks from Taylor Swift, other pop stars and even audiobooks are an effective way for kids recovering from surgery to manage their post-operation pain.

Most surgery-strength pain killers aren’t made with children in mind, and in fact can even cause kids to have breathing problems. To play it safe, doctors limit painkiller dosage, but this leaves children in serious pain after their surgery.

Dr. Santhanam Suresh, an anesthesiology and pediatrics professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, decided to test other ways to distract kids from their pain. Together with his daughter Sunitha Suresh, who at the time was a student at Northwestern pursuing a major in biomedical engineering and a minor in music cognition, Dr. Suresh designed a simple but groundbreaking experiment that would randomly divide 60 post-surgery pediatric patients into three groups: those who listened to their favorite music (pop stars, Rihanna and Taylor Swift among them), those who picked out an audiobook and a control group. Those in the control group simply put on noise-canceling headphones for 30 minutes.

Compared to pain levels immediately after their —> Read More Here


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