London: East vs West


It was recently suggested to me that it might be nice to show what my life is like here (aside from the parts that consist of staring blankly at computer screens). I’ve also decided to try weekly posts (look for me here every Tuesday!), so it made sense to write today about the two spatial areas that have really defined my time in London.

Dots represent all of the places I’ve been to in London. Graphic by Mimi Onuoha. Click to enlarge.

To the left is a map of all the spots I’ve been to in the city. The part I want to focus on today is that cluster of dots in the middle, or more specifically, the East-to-West path they form. Most weekdays find me taking two tubes and a bus to cross the sprawling city in order to get from my homely flat in East London to the Royal College of Art (RCA), the West London institution at which I’m based.

London’s a huge city. It’s one of those places where it’s not uncommon to realize that you’ve stopped hanging out with some of your friends because they live just too far away. The reality is that if your —> Read More Here


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