Low-Flying Meteor Explodes Over New Zealand, Illuminating Night Sky

An explosion of orange, blue and white lit up the skies over New Zealand Wednesday night, followed by a series of sonic booms.

Local experts agree that the blinding explosion was probably a low-flying meteor, according to The New Zealand Herald.

YouTube user Josh Sherbone captured the stunning flash on his car’s dash cam in Tauranga, New Zealand. In the video below, the explosion illuminates the night sky.

Shortly after the explosion, hundreds of eyewitness accounts of the blinding light began flooding news stations and social media. WeatherWatch in New Zealand said that they were receiving reports of the flash from around the island country.

Something fast and bright just briefly illuminated the sky west of Auckland. Zipped across the blackness. Extraordinary.

— John Campbell (@JohnJCampbell) February 11, 2015

We believe this was most likely a meteor (shooting star) or a meteorite (small one that hits the surface). Put simply: “Wow!”

— WeatherWatch.co.nz (@WeatherWatchNZ) February 11, 2015

Auckland’s Civil Defense sent out a tweet saying the flash was “definitely not lightning, most likely a meteor.”

Fletcher Hodge was in the car with a friend in the city of Rotorua when they —> Read More Here


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