Man’s Leukemia In Remission Thanks To The HIV Virus

A Utah man’s leukemia is in remission thanks, in part, to the HIV virus.

Marshall Jensen was diagnosed with an often deadly blood and bone marrow cancer called acute lymphocytic leukemia in 2012, reports local Utah news channel KSL. He and his wife spent the next three years traveling across the country in search of a cure, but his cancer kept returning despite several surgeries and treatments.

Then they heard about the groundbreaking, experimental work of Dr. Carl H. June, an immunotherapy researcher at University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. June has dedicated his career to researching how to defeat otherwise incurable cancer, and he does it with a disabled form of the HIV virus.

In this case, June extracted billions of Jensen’s T-cells (immune cells), inserted a specially engineered form of the HIV virus into each cell, and then put them back in Jensen’s body. The new genetic material transformed Jensen’s T-Cells into what June called “serial killers,” capable of findings and killing the cancer in Jensen’s body.

Watch the KSL video below and head over to to read more about the life-saving treatment.

June has been performing these T-cell/HIV <a target="_blank" —> Read More Here


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