Mapping Global Fishing Activity for Anyone to See

When it comes to ocean conservation, these seem to be somewhat optimistic times. The oceans are under a greater threat than ever before, but we have been lucky to see a number of ocean-related successes in recent years. There is an increased understanding by the general public about seafood sustainability and the impact of overfishing. Influential celebrities and entrepreneurs have become outspoken ocean advocates and directed a large amounts of attention and funding towards ocean issues. Governments all across the world are starting to grant protection to substantial areas of their territorial waters to create marine reserves. Additionally, the tools available to conservationists and decision-makers have recently gone under a huge boost in capabilities as a result of recent technological innovation. This last area, and the focus of my work, is a critical component to protection of these newly established marine reserves. The methods that we traditionally relied upon can no longer meet these protection needs, so there currently exists a massive demand for new tools and fresh ideas.

One of those new tools was recently unveiled at the 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia. Google, Skytruth, and Oceana have teamed up to —> Read More Here


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