Mayor’s Voices: Buenos Aires Mayor Macri, Host of the C40 Latin American Mayors Forum, highlights the Leadership of Cities on the Road to Paris 2015

The C40 Latin American Mayors Forum in Buenos Aires on 27 March 2015, will be a critical opportunity for city leaders to address one of the most important development challenges of the 21st century: how rapidly growing urban areas can be sustainable and liveable for their citizens, and inspirational to the world on climate action. The forum will be a key precursor to the international climate negotiations culminating in Paris in December 2015, and it will offer cities in the region an open platform to discuss challenges, share experiences and jointly plan for a more sustainable future.

As economic and population hubs, cities are pivotal in the global fight against climate change: they consume 78% of the world’s energy, produce over 60% of all carbon dioxide and generate 1.3 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste a year. And their populations are growing rapidly. Today over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas and that figure is expected to rise to around 66% by 2050.

The world’s cities have in recent years shown bold leadership in committing to address global warming at the local level. Public management models have evolved so as to position climate change as a cross-cutting issue, —> Read More Here


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