Mayors Voices: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on How Cities Can Help U.S. & China Meet Climate Goals

United States President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping recently signed an historic deal setting the groundwork for both countries to make significant strides to halt global climate change*. The deal represents unprecedented collaboration between the two nations on climate, yet the agreement does not outline a comprehensive plan to achieve the agreed-upon reductions – which is where cities come in.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti recently delivered a speech at Peking University in Beijing on how U.S. and Chinese cities will be integral partners in realizing these goals, and how cities like Los Angeles and Beijing are already collaborating on solutions.

“After all,” said Mayor Garcetti, “when our presidents promise to drastically limit carbon emissions, they are talking about limiting carbon emissions in major cities. They make the pledge, but then it is up to us to make the change.”

Mayor Garcetti outlined some of the ways that Los Angeles and Beijing are already contributing to their countries’ national goals by realizing emissions reductions and cleaning up environmental problems at a local level. He also encouraged continued collaboration and information sharing between the cities – a central tenet of C40’s work.

For instance, Mayor Garcetti explained the steps Los Angeles —> Read More Here


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