Mayors Voices: The Hon. Robert Doyle, Lord Mayor, Melbourne on the city’s award winning citizen engagement efforts

Like every other city in the world, Melbourne is facing the impacts of population growth, environmental change and financial constraints. The decisions we make now will affect our community well into the future.

These are important issues and no government is adopting a ‘business as usual’ approach to the allocation and prioritisation of resources within the context of climate change, population growth, advances in technology and a volatile global economy.

Faced with the question of how we can remain one of the world’s most liveable cities while addressing future financial challenges, the City of Melbourne took a bold decision to appoint a People’s Panel, a citizen’s jury, to help inform its 10-Year Financial Plan. This revolutionary experiment in modern democracy enlisted the help of everyday citizens to assist Council in making important decisions about spending and revenue priorities for the next decade.

A panel of 43 residents, business owners and students were randomly selected to accurately reflect the diversity of the community. Over a six-week period, more than 600 people participated in providing feedback by attending workshops, discussion groups, events and using an online budgeting tool. The panel utilised this community feedback and were also provided with open access to information and experts —> Read More Here


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