Meet Danitsja, a Potty-Trained Sloth

Picture of a sloth using a toilet bowl
Danitsja, one of the many sloths rescued by Monique Pool, is the first to do her business in the toilet bowl. (Photo by Monique Pool)

By Lucy Cooke, NG Emerging Explorer

Sloths have something of a reputation for having eccentric bathroom habits, but this resident of a sanctuary in Suriname, really takes the … bidet.

When sloth conservationist Monique Pool rescued this particular sloth, named Danitsja, and brought her back to her sanctuary she discovered something totally extraordinary about her. When nature called, she would slowly crawl into Monique’s bathroom, gracefully and deliberately lower herself into the toilet and do her business in the bowl.

Be glad that you are never likely to be waiting to use a restroom after her. (Photo by Monique Pool)

Monique was astounded. As founder of the Green Heritage Foundation she has rescued hundreds of sloths, but had never met one with such impeccable bathroom behavior.

In the wild, sloths spend their lives camouflaged high up in the forest canopy, but roughly once a week they descend from the safety of their treetop home to do their business at the base of a tree. This ritual had long puzzled zoologists but is now believed by many —> Read More Here


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