Million Mummy Discovery Disputed In Egypt

A massive cemetery with up to 1 million mummies has reportedly been found in Egypt, but the announcement of the discovery apparently landed a U.S. research team in hot water, and possibly even kicked off the project.

Archaeologists from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, said the bodies date from between the 1st century and 7th century A.D., when Egypt was controlled by the Roman and Byzantine empires. These mummies didn’t belong to the Egyptian elite, but to the poor.

“A lot of their wealth, as little as they had, was poured into these burials,” BYU Egypt Excavation Project director Kerry Muhlestein said, according to LiveScience.

So far, 1,700 mummies have been found; yet given the size of the cemetery and density of the bodies, the team believes there are many more.

“The cemetery is very large, and so far seems to maintain that kind of burial density throughout,” Muhlestein said, according to “Thus the math suggests that there are over a million mummies in the cemetery.”

Muhlestein recently described some of the burials at a conference in Toronto.

“We once found a male who was over 7 feet tall who was far too tall to —> Read More Here


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