Mindfulness Meditation Can Help You Fall (And Stay) Asleep

It seems that a new study comes out every week pointing to another physical or mental health benefit of mindfulness. Recent research reveals that meditation may help prevent age-related cognitive decline among older adults. And another study recently found that the practice could help children improve their math skills.

Now, a new University of Southern California study suggests that mindfulness meditation can improve sleep quality for older adults with sleep disturbances, including trouble falling or staying asleep, or feeling sleepy during the day.

The study was conducted on 49 older adults with an average age of 66, all of whom experienced moderate sleep disturbances. The first group of 24 participants took part in a Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPS) intervention, while the second group underwent a Sleep Hygiene Education (SHE) course. Both interventions last for six weeks, with two hours of training time, plus homework, each week.

The researchers found that the mindfulness group showed significant improvements in their ability to fall and stay asleep relative to the sleep hygiene group.

Sleep disturbances can significantly affect quality of life, and have been associated with daytime symptoms such as fatigue, mood fluctuations and depressive symptoms. The —> Read More Here


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