Mindfulness Training Improves Resilience Of Active-Duty Soldiers

Mindfulness has become recognized as a promising mental health intervention for soldiers returning home from war. But it may also be a vital tool for soldiers before they are deployed to conflict zones.

During the critical pre-deployment period — the training period before a soldier goes to combat — soldier face high levels of stress and high demands. While training intensively for the upcoming mission, they are also mentally preparing themselves to leave their loved ones and head into a dangerous conflict zone.

Research has shown that the demands of this critical period can take a psychological toll on soldiers, leading to impairments in mental health and cognitive functioning — meaning that soldiers may be going into combat already dealing with mental health challenges.

And according to a new University of Miami study, a brief mindfulness meditation exercise aimed at staying focused on the present moment can help active-duty soldiers prepare for combat, improving performance and cognitive resilience.

“Soldiers are experts at standing at attention,” Miami neuroscientist Amishi Jha, the study’s lead author, said in a statement. “However, maintaining a mind at attention under the intense physical, emotional and cognitive demands they face, is —> Read More Here


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