Mission Blue Hope Spot: The Glorious Gulf of California

Sea Lion (c)KipEvansMissionBlueAG4V9760

Earlier this month Mission Blue launched a Hope Spot expedition to the Gulf of California, a very special area of the world beloved by ocean buffs, surfers, scuba divers and the local communities.The purpose of the Expedition is to shine a light on the beauty of this region and those that are working to protect it. Thanks to jam-packed days connecting with Mexican policy makers, examining the health of local ecosystems and powwowing with marine scientists, we have much to share, including plenty of visual media. Check out the heartwarming greeting we received from a curious sea lion above. How’s that for southern hospitality? (Did you know sea lions like to nibble on your flippers? True story).

(Mission Blue meeting with the director of Mexico’s protected areas. Photo: Kip Evans)

The expedition was led by Mission Blue founder Dr. Sylvia Earle and Kip Evans, Director of Expeditions, and the crew roster included Mission Blue Board Director Shari Sant Plummer, marine scientists and conservationists Dr. Octavio Aburto and Mr. Lorenzo Rosenzweig Pasquel, as well as honored Mission Blue guests and local policymakers. You can see them all above at a high level meeting with Alejandro de la Mazo, director of CONANP, the Mexican agency that oversees the country’s environmentally protected areas. While discussing marine conservation with Dr. Sylvia Earle, he revealed that his current goal was to protect 10% of Mexican waters and then increase to 20%. That dovetails very nicely with Mission Blue’s goal of protecting 20% of the ocean by 2020 — hats off to Mr. de la Mazo! This important meeting was organized by Mr. Pasquel of FMCN, a conservation group in Mexico doing an immense amount of good work protecting Mexico’s natural areas.


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