Mississippi Republican Lawmaker Pushes Bill That Would Allow The Teaching Of Creationism In Science Classes

A bill under consideration in Mississippi would allow science teachers to bring creationism and climate change denial into the classroom.

House Bill 50 “encourages students to explore scientific questions” by allowing teachers to discuss “weaknesses” in the approved scientific curriculum. The bill doesn’t mention creationism by name but refers specifically to biological evolution, the chemical origins of life, global warming and human cloning.

While the text claims it does not promote religious doctrine, one of its sponsors admitted the bill is geared toward allowing educators to teach creationism in science classes.

I just don’t want my teachers punished in any form or fashion for bringing creationism into the debate. Lots of us believe in creationism,” Rep. Mark Formby told the Clarion-Ledger newspaper. “To say that creationism as a theory is any less valuable than any other theory that nobody can scientifically prove I just think is being close-minded.”

The National Center for Science Education said the bill opens the door to letting educators teach just about anything.

The bill “would, if enacted, allow science teachers with idiosyncratic opinions to teach anything they pleased — and prohibit responsible educational authorities from intervening,” the organization said.

Such views would include those shared by Formby, who in another interview dismissed the Big Bang theory while also showing that he doesn’t seem to understand it.

“I don’t want every student to be taught that the Big Bang theory is the rule but I don’t mind them discussing that. In fact I want them to discuss that,” Formby told WTVA. “Because from my opinion the more they discuss it the more ludicrous they will find that there was nothing — nothing —> Read More