Moms Create Science-Themed Clothing Line For Girls That Bashes Stereotypes


After noticing the lack of science-themed clothing options for their daughters, Seattle moms Jennifer Muhm and Malorie Catchpole took a hands-on approach to the problem.

In October 2013, Muhm’s then-4-year-old daughter said that she wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween, the mom told The Huffington Post. Muhm and her daughter looked through costume catalogs but noticed that only boys were wearing astronaut costumes. Seeing this, the little girl declared that only boys could go to space, and she no longer wanted to be an astronaut.

A couple of months later, Catchpole’s toddler daughter asked for train underpants for Christmas. The mom was disheartened to find that “the only thing close to what she wanted” was available exclusively in the boys’ section.

The two mothers bonded over their shared frustration. “Girls shouldn’t have to make a choice between expressing themselves as a girl, and showcasing their interests,” Muhm and Catchpole told The Huffington Post. “Kids, just like adults, use their clothes to express themselves. Kids do it more literally by wearing clothes that speak to their interests. When we package those interests as being something for boys, girls get the message that those topics aren’t for them.”

Eventually, Muhm and Catchpole came up with a solution: start their own clothing company. Thus, buddingSTEM was born. As the company website explains, buddingSTEM offers girls clothing that celebrates “science, space, dinosaurs, and other things all kids love!” After working with experts in areas ranging from pattern-making and textile design to logistics and supply-chain management, the moms launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring their vision to life. Having raised over 22,000 dollars as of Tuesday morning, they’re almost halfway to their 45,000 dollar goal.

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