Montserrat Turns its Focus Toward Ocean Conservation

When you land on Montserrat, your passport gets stamped with a shamrock. That is the first sign that the island has a bit of magic. The air is warm, but the people are warmer. This video introduces some of the faces and vistas of this wondrous place, the second island where the Waitt Institute has launched its Blue Halo Initiative (see press release).

Montserrat may be best known for its active volcano, but has just celebrated five years since its last eruption, is actively rebuilding, and is now embracing a future of ocean conservation. Under the banner of Blue Halo Montserrat, the Government of Montserrat and its citizens are collaborating with the Waitt Institute to envision, design, and realize a sustainable ocean future.

We recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the island’s government, had our first steering committee meeting with a diverse group of stakeholders, and were hosted by the Governor at a lovely reception.

MOU signing with Montserrat Premier, Hon. Donaldson Romeo.

We chose Montserrat as a partner because the government has a strong will for redesigning ocean management, the community sees the need for —> Read More Here


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