More Evidence Favoring Art-Based Learning of STEM


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Movement including dance or theater, exercise, and even posture helped young people think more clearly, and enhance memory retention. But, where art-infused education is used to redesign the curriculum, one that is truly integrated, collaborative and interactive, students’ attendance dramatically improves, as does performance. It’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math +the Arts) that will make the difference.

That was certainly the findings presented by Ivonne Chand O’Neal, Director of Research and Evaluation at the Kennedy Center for Education, one of cosponsors of this prestigious event. O’Neal made the point that, based on the Center’s recent research, arts integration for kids from the lower socio-economic strata was a formula that held the most promise. And across the board, arts integration–if done right–was the answer to giving our young people the new thinking skills for a new economy. No surprise that the Kennedy education center has been nurturing and studying the important role of the arts in education for over thirty years.

In releasing the report, Darrell M. Ayers, Vice President of Education for the Kennedy Center said,

“The results from the study show that students in arts-integrated classrooms are more creative, positively challenged, and more engaged in their —> Read More Here


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