More Good News for Science!


By now we have all heard about the magnificent landing of Philae on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, but this is not the only good news story we should be mindful of. There are many more of these little gems sprinkled over the last few years that you may never have heard of.

The lowly electron is the workhorse of our civilization. In 2014, German scientists made the most precise measurement of its mass, which now stands at 0.000548579909067 AMU. This is 13 times more precise than previous measurements. Why is this important? Because in the quantum world, new physics is often revealed by comparing predictions to real measurements at the farthest decimal places. Who knows where the new mass measurement will carry us!

Then we have the news that Einstein’s general theory of relativity just keeps on working! Experiments in Germany used the regular light frequency of a transition in cesium atoms to test the amazing concept of “time dilation” by accelerating these atoms to one third the speed of light. Once again, but at much higher precision, they found that the vibrations of the moving atoms run slower than the stationary atoms. It really is true that orbiting —> Read More Here


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