Mr. Environmentalist

You told us about the coming extinction, but the extinction never came.

You told us all the facts, but it turned out they were fiction, and you asked us for money but where did it go?

You told us to do this, and you told us to do that, but it never made any difference in the end.

You vilified the innocent.

And you spoke nicely to the ignorant.

You took those good hearts for granted, and now your cries no longer reach any ears.

You have pressed the alarm bell one too many times.

Mr Environmentalist, don’t let your ideals cloud the real solutions. When you make noise for the sake of noise, it becomes white noise. And when you cry wolf, well, we all know the story.

We don’t want you to save the world, because the world will be fine without you or me. Let’s focus on the right environmental issues, the important environmental issues, and not just the ones that echo the loudest.

If you look closely, humans have solved some of the greatest challenges without your rhetoric.

So please, next time you press the alarm bell, make sure the emergency is for real, otherwise something important might get crushed in the stampede.

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