My Ocean New Year’s Resolution

sunrise sea island

Sunrise on the Georgia coast photos by Monica Medina

I am back at work on the Pristine Seas Project after a great holiday break. The pause gave me time to reflect on our successes of last year in working with governments to set aside more than a million square kilometers of ocean wilderness, including the expansion of the U.S. Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument and the creation of Gabon’s first marine park. Excitingly, we have three or four new wild ocean places on our list to be explored this year.

Indeed, there are many reasons to be hopeful about the future of ocean conservation heading into 2015, but knowing how serious the threats to our oceans are I wondered, “what else can I do this year to make a difference?” I decided to make an ocean-specific, new year’s resolution.

So here goes: I resolve to do more this year to combat ocean pollution. I will pick up trash on every beach I visit, and encourage my co-workers at National Geographic to do the same.

Last summer, on our annual family vacation at a beautiful island off the coast of Georgia, I was stunned by the amount of trash I saw —> Read More Here


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