My Q and A With W. Chris Winter, Sleep Whisperer to Some of the World’s Top Athletes

Perhaps more than any other group, athletes have fully embraced sleep as a performance enhancement tool. Top athletes are, of course, all about results. So there’s no better place than the world of sports to see the tangible effects of sleep (including pre-game naps) on performance.

As medical director of the Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine in Virginia, and one of the country’s leading sleep researchers, W. Chris Winter has worked extensively with athletes eager to learn from him. He also works with teams to teach them about sleep’s importance. In fact, when we exchanged emails, he was in Florida, and shortly bound for Arizona, working with Major League Baseball teams. Here are his answers to my questions about why athletes are putting sleep at the forefront of their lives — and what the rest of us can learn from them.

You don’t always publish your research on how sleep affects athletic performance. Why is that?

The reasons for this are many, but generally boil down to two things.

First, teams view what I do as a way to gain an advantage and do not want to give that advantage away. Second, I have been involved with sleep research for about 21 years now, —> Read More Here


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