Mystery Of Ancient ‘Racton Man’ Skeleton And His Fancy Dagger Has Finally Been Solved


Scientists have been trying to unravel the mystery of “Racton Man” since 1989, when the Bronze Age skeleton was found clutching an ornate dagger in the hamlet of Racton in southeastern England.

Now, thanks to a new analysis of the weapon and the skeleton’s bones and teeth, scientists have a pretty good idea of who Racton man was and how he died.

A view of the skeleton known as Racton Man at the Novium Museum in Chichester, England.

This dagger is bronze and so this item would have been incredibly rare at the time; its color and keen hard edge would have distinguished it from the more common copper objects in use,” Dr. Stuart Needham, an expert on Bronze Age metalwork formerly of the British Museum in London, said in a written statement. “We don’t understand the social structure of this time, but he would have been a very prominent member of society, someone of great seniority.”

The dagger dates back 4,200 years and is one of the earliest bronze objects ever found in Britain. Since bronze technology reached Britain and Ireland much later than other European countries, “Racton Man would have been right at the cutting edge of this —> Read More Here


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