Nature Loves Those Who Oppose Her Most

The Hidden Nature Within You: It’s Bolder Than You Think

There is a nature deep within us that we do not know. Nature is not a passive lawn we walk on. Nature is audacity.

Think about it.

Going from nothing to a big bang 13.7 billion years ago — that’s audacious. Pushing the very first things — quarks — from a rushing sheet of nothing, from an expanding sheet of space and time, tweezling an outrageous impossibility, the first particles, from a racing, virginal emptiness — that’s outrageous. 380,000 years later, gathering things together by the trillions of trillions with just one whisper-soft force, gravity, that’s amazing. Organizing those trillions into black holes, stars and galaxies, that’s flamboyant, astonishing, and ornate. And these were just nature’s opening acts. Once she made life 4.1 billion years ago, nature showed her real gumption. She generated bacteria that swam against her ocean currents and her tides. She generated microorganisms that turned her poisons into pastries and her foulest smelling exudates into treats.

She established competitions, contests in cheek, daring and effrontery. And she gave rich prizes to those who could break her rules the most rebelliously.

Nature showed that she loves those who oppose her most. Sounds impossible, right? But think for a second. One of nature’s most basic rules is gravity. And Nature rewarded those creatures with the guts to break gravity’s hold and crawl above the surface of the sea. She favored those who planted themselves on the killing fields, on the barren stone-scapes, of land. She gave gifts to those creatures with the chutzpah to take on that all-rock landscape’s nightmares: first a three-hour flood of poisonous radiation, then a —> Read More