Neil Armstrong’s Secret Bag Of Apollo 11 Mementos Found In A Closet

It turns out Neil Armstrong had a secret stash of moon mementos.

Space historians this week announced the unexpected discovery of several items Neil Armstrong brought back to Earth following the historic Apollo 11 mission, during which he took the first step on the moon.

The astronaut’s widow reportedly found the artifacts in a closet after her husband’s death in 2012.

“I received an email from Carol Armstrong that she had located in one of Neil’s closets a white cloth bag filled with assorted small items that looked like they may have come from a spacecraft,” Dr. Allan Needell, a curator in the space history department at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C., wrote in a blog posted Feb. 6 on the museum’s website. “Needless to say, for a curator of a collection of space artifacts, it is hard to imagine anything more exciting.”

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Detailed analysis Armstrong’s stowage bag by the amazing @apollolunarsj team:

— NASA History Office (@NASAhistory) February 6, 2015

Astronauts refer to the bag as a McDivitt Purse — it was used for temporary storage by lunar module crews. —> Read More Here


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