New amphicyonid material found from the Early Miocene of Central Nei Mongol

Straddling between Europe to the west and North America to the east, Asia has long been suspected to be either a source of certain Cenozoic mammals that, thus far, are only found in Europe and/or North America, or a “jumping board” to and from the continents of destination as they disperse. Temnocyonine and haplocyonine amphicyonids (beardogs) are such an example that have been discovered both in Europend and North America, but remained absent in Asia. A newly discovered amphicyonid from the Early Miocene of central Nei Mongol, reported in the latest issue of Vertebrata PalAsiatica, filled in the long-expected Asian gap, offering new material for studies of Holarctic zoogeography. —> Read More