New Research Shows Rat ‘Lingerie’ Really Gets Rodents In The Mood

rat jacket

Turns out male rats have at least one thing in common with their human counterparts: they just love it when the ladies wear lingerie.

At least that’s the implication of a strange new study showing that rats can have specific sexual preferences and can even develop something akin to fetishes.

For the study, scientists from Concordia University in Montreal allowed a group of virgin male rats to “get lucky” with females wearing tiny jackets like this one:

Later, the same males were given a choice between females wearing jackets and those wearing nothing at all. And as it turned out, not only did the males prefer the females in the jackets, but also they made more attempts at mounting and ejaculated more quickly than when they had a chance to mate with unjacketed females, LiveScience reported.

The study was presented last month at the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

In previous research by the scientists, male rats were conditioned to have sex while wearing the jackets. When the jackets were removed, “they had severe disruptions in their sexual abilities (arousal, desire, and performance),” study co-author Dr. Jim Pfaus, a professor —> Read More Here


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