New Signal May Be Evidence of Dark Matter, Say Researchers

Dark Matter Halo

All galaxies are thought to have a dark matter halo. This simulated image shows the distribution of dark matter surrounding our very own Milky Way. Image credit: J. Diemand, M. Kuhlen and P. Madau (UCSC)

Dark matter is the architect of large-scale cosmic structure and the engine behind proper rotation of galaxies. It’s an indispensable part of the physics of our Universe – and yet scientists still don’t know what it’s made of. The latest data from Planck suggest that the mysterious substance comprises 26.2% of the cosmos, making it nearly five and a half times more prevalent than normal, everyday matter. Now, four European researchers have hinted that they may have a discovery on their hands: a signal in x-ray light that has no known cause, and may be evidence of a long sought-after interaction between particles – namely, the annihilation of dark matter.

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