New Study Says You Should Marry Your Best Friend

The race to the altar has become more of a marathon than a sprint. And though younger generations might be slower to get there, marriage still offers a big draw: According to a new study, married people are happier than their single counterparts.

The research, which comes from the National Bureau of Economic Research in Canada, used combined data from the British Household Panel Survey, the United Kingdom’s Annual Population Survey and the Gallup World Poll. Researchers controlled for pre-marital satisfaction — up until now, no one’s been able to prove that these people wouldn’t be just as happy had they never tied the knot — and they still found that married people were consistently happier than singles.

Happiness levels were bolstered by marriage in three ways. First, for participants in the study, the benefits of marriage extended far beyond the so-called “honeymoon phase.” Yes, the first year or two of marriage may have been the happiest, but participants didn’t simply adapt to the boost and change their baseline accordingly — they continued to consciously enjoy the benefits of marriage in the long-term, far beyond the honeymoon.

This finding led the researchers to the next positive effect —> Read More Here


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