New Xade: A Convergence of the Traditional and Modern


Progress continues smoothly here in Botswana. Within the first two weeks of arriving, I picked up my official research permit from the Office of the President. With that in hand, I met the principal of Maru-a-Pula and got the go-ahead to film on campus with Ketelelo. I’ve already had a couple of shoots with Ketelelo and will continue to film with him while in Gaborone.

Godumetsamang poses with the shredded tire.

With logistics wrapped up in the capital, I made plans to go to New Xade (one of the resettlement villages) to introduce myself to the community and seek permission to film there. Last Friday, Ed, Philesco, Philesco’s nephew Godumetsamang, and I woke up early, loaded my camera gear into the car, and set off towards Ghanzi, a rapidly growing frontier town where we planned to pick up groceries on our way into New Xade. About halfway there – in the middle of nowhere – our back tire exploded. The inner tube was completely destroyed. Luckily, we had a spare, so we replaced the shredded tire and resumed our trip to Ghanzi.

While in town, we stopped for lunch with Kuela Kiema, author of Tears for My Land and one of —> Read More Here


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