Newborn Mountain Lions Hiss And Purr For The Camera During Discovery

Say hello to two of southern California’s newest residents: a pair of feisty mountain lions recently discovered in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Adorable video released by the National Park Service Thursday captured the pint-sized babies hissing and purring at the camera outside their wooded den.

The video of the male and female was shot shortly after their mother, who received a tracking device shortly after her own birth, left the den, biologists with the National Park Service said.

A second video, taken at the time of the mother’s return, shows the kittens squeaking and nuzzling each another before they’re inspected and licked by mom.

Kittens P-46 and P-47

“We continue to see successful reproduction, which indicates that the quality of the natural habitat is high for such a relatively urbanized area,” our biologist Jeff Sikich says of our mountain lion study, which recently added these two little ones, named P-46 and P-47. “But these kittens have many challenges ahead of them, from evading other mountain lions, to crossing freeways, to dealing with exposure to rat poison.” More info: – Zach, Communications Fellow

Posted by Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area on Thursday, January 14, 2016

The discovery confirmed researchers’ suspicions that the mother, named P-45 — the P standing for puma — had recently given birth.

Her GPS locations showed that the mom stayed in one specific area during a three-week period, “indicating that she was likely denning with her kittens,” the NPS said in a release Thursday.

Researchers had been tracking the mom since 2010 when she was just a few weeks old, they said. In the second video, she’s clearly seen wearing a tracking collar around her neck.

Responding to one YouTube user’s concern over the device’s size, researchers said the —> Read More