Newly Discovered DNA Clock Runs Too Fast — Scientific Evidence Can Hardly Keep Up

Google Calendar is going to count down remaining life expectancy based on DNA methylation.

Well, maybe not, but it could be a news headline that you may see more of in the coming days.

Within less than a week after the publication of the scientific study, we already have “Scientists’ ‘hugely exciting’ DNA research may lead to extending life“, “DNA ‘Clock’ Could Predict How Long You’ll Live” and “Is Your DNA Clock Running Fast? You May Die Sooner Than Later“.

A new study, published last week in Genome Biology, found that people who are biologically older than their actual age, die earlier. Combining the data of four studies, of more than 5,000 participants in total, the study observed a 16% higher risk of mortality per 5 years difference between biological (‘DNA’) and actual age.

The headlines in the news, not surprisingly, are catchy, but seem to be ‘hugely’ exaggerated interpretations of the actual study. This time the authors had fueled the imagination of the journalists by an overly promising title of their article (“DNA methylation age of blood predicts all-cause mortality in later life“) and by sending out an enthusiastic press release. —> Read More Here


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