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A journalist leads his mule past a royal tomb near Nemrut in eastern Turkey during his Out of Eden Walk, a seven-year global trek from Africa to Tierra del Fuego.
Paul Salopek leads his mule past a royal tomb near Nemrut in eastern Turkey. (Photo by John Stanmeyer)
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Over tens of thousands of years, our ancestors spread out by foot (for the most part) across the entire globe.
Over about seven years, Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent @PaulSalopek is making the same journey, the same way.
Paul started in Ethiopia and in the past two years has covered 4,000 miles, getting himself up to the Republic of Georgia. Difficulties with visas and permission to enter certain lands have rerouted and delayed him, but now, after waiting out the worst of the Central Asian summer, he’s ready to set off once again.
What’s it been like to be stuck in one place while on a project all about walking onward?
What’s in store for him on the next leg of the journey?
What else do you want to know?
Finding a nice space longer than his tweets and shorter than his full dispatches, he answered a few questions for us, to whet our appetite and plant the seeds for more of your questions which you can ask during his Twitter chat, October 7.
How welcome was the break from moving?
PS: Very welcome. The walk isn’t a race—just as our dispersal out of Africa wasn’t a race back in the Pleistocene. The truth is, the real work of the walk starts mostly when I stop: when I pause to talk to people en route, or stay at a farm along the way, or take breaks in towns and villages and cities to do my reporting. The adagio passage in the Caucasus was longer than I thought, [but] I have learned a lot, and I hope shared something, about —> Read More