Nexus of Art and Conservation to Save Big Cats​

Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus), painted by Robert Dallet. Gouache and watercolor on paper, 50 × 65 cm ca. 1980s Émile Hermès Collection Photo Studio des fleurs. © Hermès, Paris 2015.

Ten years after the death of Robert Dallet, a wildlife artist who painted for Hermès for decades, the Paris-based luxury brand is partnering with Panthera to honor Dallet’s legacy through the creation of the Robert Dallet Initiative for Wild Cat Conservation “to support the latest conservation science and innovation,” the two organizations said today.

The initiative will bring a world-renowned artist’s life’s work to bear for the conservation of wild cats, according to Panthera, a New York-based nonprofit devoted to the conservation of the world’s 38 wild cat species and their ecosystems.

The initiative kick offs with an exhibition of Dallet’s work in the United States at the Bruce Museum of Arts and Science in Greenwich, Connecticut. It will later tour in Europe and Asia.

Indochinese Leopard (Panthera pardus delacouri), painted by Robert Dallet. Gouache and watercolor on paper, 50 × 65 cm ca. 1980s. Photo Studio des fleurs. © Hermès, Paris 2015.

Panthera is simultaneously launching its first ever region-wide leopard conservation initiative in Southeast Asia, where the species is extinct in 95 percent of its historic range due to a drastic spike in poaching and human development in the past 20 years. Panthera is petitioning the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to list the leopard as Endangered in that region.

This and other Panthera wild cat conservation programs around the world will be supported in part by proceeds from the sale of a new Hermès scarf featuring a leopard painting by Dallet.

Dreams and Vision

“Fierce and Fragile: Big Cats in the Art of Robert Dallet,” the exhibition presented by Hermès for the benefit of Panthera, “is the realization of the dreams and vision of many, rooted in passionately held ideals and a love of nature,” said Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director of Hermès, in a —> Read More