November 23, 2014: Set Speed Records on El Capitan, Prosecute Poaching Kingpins and More

Political turmoil in Democratic Republic of the Congo has left the future of the world’s 800 remaining mountain gorillas uncertain. In the new film “Virunga,” director Orlando von Einsiedel shows how oil exploration and a civil war endanger the gorillas and their home in Virunga National Park. (photo by Michael Nichols)

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– Two and a half years ago, Filipe Masetti Leite set out from Calgary, Alberta on horseback. Today, he sits on a beach in Brazil, writing his memoirs about the epic journey that he undertook with his horses Frenchie, Bruiser and Dude. The team rode through ten countries, befriending poor locals and cartel leaders alike. Masetti Leite describes earning safe passage through some of the hemisphere’s most dangerous cities, and the hero’s welcome he received upon arrival in Brazil.

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