Nursing Device And Community Support Help Struggling Mom Breastfeed

When medical issues posed some challenges to breastfeeding her baby, a New Jersey mom found a unique way to overcome the obstacles.

Mom and doula Kristen Bridgham was pregnant with her second child when she discovered she had an unidentified thyroid issue. Three months after giving birth to her son Elijah, she noticed her milk supply decreasing, so her pediatrician recommended she supplement with formula while working with an endocrinologist to find a specific diagnosis and treatment for the issue.

“I just remember going home in tears,” Bridgham told The Huffington Post. “I felt like a failure that because of my health issues I couldn’t provide the best nutrition for him.” Though she said she’s “by no means against formula,” she felt strongly about feeding her baby breast milk, as she had breastfed her first child for 18 months.

Enter donor milk and a creative feeding contraption, and Bridgham has figured out a solution.

“I have been having trouble with producing milk due to my thyroid. I hardly have anything left and can’t really nurse due to my son getting very frustrated and impatient since I don’t have much to give. Today, our lives changed forever. With the help of some local mommies donating milk and an investment in this contraption, I was able to nurse him contently again. I am so in love with being sble to look down and see that little face gazing into my eyes. I am also so relieved and excited to continue our journey. I just wanted to encourage anyone who has issues that nothing is impossible and where there is a will there is a way! It just takes some dedication.” — @beautiful_and_broken21 ❤️ Thank you so much for sharing your story, mama! I would —> Read More