Obama Welcomes Heroic Astronaut Back To Earth With A Dad Joke

The Twitter world has been abuzz since astronaut Scott Kelly’s safe return to Earth with family, friends and fellow astronauts chiming in to greet the slightly younger and a little bit taller celebrity earthling.

Even President Barack Obama offered his support, going so far as to include a pun that almost certainly left his daughters shaking their heads.

Welcome back to Earth, @StationCDRKelly! Your year in space is vital to the future of American space travel. Hope gravity isn’t a drag!

— President Obama (@POTUS) March 2, 2016

As the 52-year-old veteran astronaut would be the first to tell you, a year in space is a long, lonely endeavor.

It felt like I’d been up there my whole life, you know, after about the first six months,” he said during an interview Wednesday, just hours after he and two Russian cosmonauts landed safely in Kazakhstan. “A year is really, really long.”

The welcome home he’s received, however, may have made up for the extended time away. Below, scroll through some tweets that were sent to Kelly from celebrities, politicians and astronauts.

Welcome home @StationCDRKelly! Down here, the fastest we go is about 600 mph on jets. We settle for 1 sunrise a day. You’ll get used to it

— Bill Nye (@BillNye) March 2, 2016

My brother @StationCDRKelly is back home on our planet! Talk about aliens. He’s been off the planet for a year. pic.twitter.com/OzkesF0f7H

— Mark Kelly (@ShuttleCDRKelly) March 2, 2016