Of Black Holes and Glittering Stars: The Theory of Everything and Hollywood Physics


Cosmologists often debate the notion of a “multiverse”: could it be that our universe is but one of many? Perhaps infinite numbers of other universes sputter and blink in and out of existence all the time, some of them eerily similar to the one in which we find ourselves, others with radically different conditions and governing laws.

Last week I became convinced that the multiverse notion must be true, when I found myself standing on a red carpet, posing with actor Eddie Redmayne amid a torrent of flashing cameras. There’s no way that could have happened in this universe. Not to worry; the following picture should allay any concerns that the experience has gone to my head.

Caption: Eddie Redmayne and me in Washington, DC, discussing the new film, The Theory of Everything. Note: I’m the one on the left. The inscription was my cousin Ilene’s idea; she’s the smart one of the family. Original image (c) Danielle Paquette, The Washington Post.

Redmayne and I were in Washington, DC, at an event hosted by the American Physical Society and the Smithsonian Institution: the city’s premiere of the new film, The Theory of Everything, based on the lives of Stephen —> Read More Here


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