Oil And Gas Methane Rules Could Help U.S. Meet New Climate Targets, Report Says

By Valerie Volcovici
WASHINGTON, Nov 20 (Reuters) – The Environmental Protection Agency can cut methane emissions from oil and gas production in half with new national standards, a move that could help the United States meet new pollution cutting targets pledged in a climate deal with China last week, a new report recommends.
The EPA is expected decide by the end of the fall whether to issue mandatory standards for reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas sector as a part of President Barack Obama’s broad climate action plan.
Environmental groups the Clean Air Task Force, Natural Resources Defense Council and Sierra Club, have told the EPA that directly targeting methane rather than secondary volatile organic compounds, which the agency currently regulates, is more effective and can help the U.S. make steeper greenhouse gas emission cuts. —> Read More Here


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