Old Sarum, Medieval City Near Stonehenge, Revealed By New Scans

Thanks to new technology, archaeologists are getting their first glimpse into life in Old Sarum, a once-thriving medieval city not far from Stonehenge, and the ruins hidden beneath include what may have been one of the largest palaces of the period.

Located near the modern city of Salisbury, the English Heritage site resembles two raised grassy rings, with the inner ring once home to a castle.

A few stone walls and some ruins are all that remain. But by using techniques such as ground-penetrating radar, researchers from the University of Southampton have found a series of massive structures in the outer ring, or bailey, that may have been part of the city’s defenses, as well as a number of homes from the settlement’s heyday some 700 to 900 years ago.

Archaeologists and historians have known for centuries that there was a medieval city at Old Sarum, but until now there has been no proper plan of the site,” Kristian Strutt, experimental officer and director of archaeological prospection services at the University of Southampton, said in a news release. “Our survey shows where individual buildings are located and from this we —> Read More Here


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